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ACT - Always Consider Tomorrow

Environmental stability and accountability is an important touchpoint fro the 20 VIC group of companies. The CORE, and all 20 VIC properties are focused on how we can create a better relationship with the natural world and protect it from further damage. The ACT, Always Consider Tomorrow, does just that and reminds us that any ACTion taken today will benefit us all tomorrow.


2015 By The Numbers:

  • The amount of fuel we saved by recycling aluminum cans could fill 53,125 average mid-sized sedan fuel tanks

  • We recycled enough paper products to save 21,621 mature trees from being cut down. Stacking 21,621 trees one on top of the other would equal the height of 2,069 Calgary Towers!

  • The amount of cardboard and paper products we recycled saved 157,959 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

  • The total recyclables we kept out o fthe landfill is equivalent to the weight of 411 adult male elephants.

  • By recycling cardboard, we saved enough water to fill 564,054 water cooler jugs.

  • We recylced enough glass bottles to provide electricity to continously power an LCD television for 30 years

  • The amount of plastic bottles we recycled can be made into 12,081 extra-large polyester t-shirts.

  • We recycled enough aluminum cans to continously power an LCD television for 578 years.

  • By recycling cardboard we saved enough water to fill 4 olympic size swimming pools.

  • 21,746 fiber-filled jackets can be made from the plastic bottles we recycled.


How You Can Do Your Part:

How You Get Here

The CORE Shopping Centre is conveniently located in the heart of the Calgary downtown core district with direct access to public transportation right outside our doors, local neighbourhoods, and new bike routes coming soon. Do the environment (and your body) a favour by walking and cycling on nice days, take public transportation, or carpool with friends. Healthy shoppers for some healthy shopping!

Watch What You’re Throwing Away

Every time you throw away your trash, do your part and look to see which bin it belongs in. We’ve also posted some fun facts on each waste bin about how you’re helping us help the environment. Take the time to read about the progress we’ve made next time you throw away your empty coffee cup.

Earth Hour

Every year the CORE participates in Earth Hour to remind tenants about the importance of conserving energy, and to keep the conversation going about how together, we can make a difference in the energy picture. To find out more about Earth Hour and how you can participate visit


Behind the Scenes:

CORE LEED CI Certification

The CORE Shopping Centre is proud to announce it has recently been awarded a LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors (CI) Certification, making it the first Regional Shopping Centre in the province of Alberta to attain a LEED CI Gold accreditation from the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC).  This certification comes after an extremely in depth renovation to the centre, a fairly challenging certification process, which ultimately saw all common area being recognised as LEED CI Certified in late November, 2014.

Did you know our living walls provide as much clean air as 30 14-foot trees?

The living green walls throughout the retail complex were added during the 2011 renovations. The living green walls adds to the aesthetics of the centre in addition to improving on the following;

  • Providing a greener shopping experience
  • They consume less water and energy to maintain vs. conventional landscaping practices
  • They act as filters by removing particulate (dust and pollen), toxins (CO and formaldehyde) from the air, and produce oxygen.


The CORE offers a recycling program for all tenants within the complex which caters to various waste and recyclable streams. The site also conducts annual training and information seminars for its tenants to ensure the maximum results are achieved for waste diversion.


Major improvements have been made throughout centre to encourage sustainability, such as our skylights which allow natural light throughout the centre, energy efficient LED lighting controlled by a building automation system which allows for daylight harvesting, and photocells which gauge when the light outside is at a level where increased lighting is needed.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG's)

We continue to look at reducing our environmental footprint for the centre with the continued purchase of Green Energy; implementation of additional Energy Conserving Measure’s and overall better energy management.

The CORE Shopping Centre's Sustainability Awards

• BOMA Best level 3 achieved.
• LEED CI Gold Certification (1st Regional Shopping Centre in AB)

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