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Koryo Korean Barbeque

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  • Food

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Koryo Korean Barbeque

Level 4

Koryo Korean Barbeque

Categories: Food

Level: Level 4

Call: 403.263.6828


Koryo Korean Barbeque, better known as Koryo, is the 'hottest' thing since sliced bread. Sounds like another flash in the pan cliché, but Koryo has discovered a whole new form of dining called Affordable Gourmet

With tantalizing tastes such as juicy BBQ Chicken, savoury BBQ Beef dripping with delicious specialty sauces, and the famous Koryo Jumbo Combo featuring a succulent hunk of everything - you simply can’t resist the temptation! Since conception in 1998 many people including several distinguished food critics have had the opportunity to experience the sizzle of Korean fanfare at this dynamite new enterprise.